Hachemi Guerouabi - Leryam & Daani Ya Nadim

"Daani ya Nadim" it a very old sailor song to get drunk. We used to try to follow it with friends when we were younger. You have the shots aligned and you follow. "Sakani bi kass el awal" and you go for the first shot, and so on until sakani bi kass el khamess, el sadesse etc...
When he says for example "Sakani bi kass el sadesse, khala meni el 3aklou nachar" (I was served the sixth glass and my mind was left hanging) it means that basically he's starting to get drunk and so are you if you were able to follow lol. And so on and so forth. All along he's also saying "bda3ni ya nadim, ebda3ni" which means basically "do not immitate me oh the one who knows how to regret, do not imitate me".
He's basically saying how he get's drunk, what happens to him, and encouraging people who are *good*, and who experience regrets to not do it. But the song has been used since long for drinking competitions, especially among sailors, as well as serving as a lesson for life.
Ref.: http://www.algeria.com/forums/open-board-forum-libre/8062-chaabi.html


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